Forgiveness Factor

Your Journey Begins


Welcome to your place where you can begin, go through and complete the process I call the Forgiveness Factor. 

No matter what you have experienced or endured, there is a way out of that 'no way' - there is help for all who are hungry, thirsty and ready to be, and leave whinning far behind and even off the chart!

I call this a journey, because time is not the focus, nor is the what's or where's or who's -- although they are part of the journey.  Your focus is on knowing:

  1. Who you are, really.
  2. What does your life mean
    1. to you
    2. to those around you
  3. How do you know
  4. Stepping on

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful tools you have on this journey.  Generally, forgiveness is not really known, and all the understandings of it are based on being either a victim or an abuser. 

What a trap!  What a rut! Over and over and over and over. .. Yuk! Get me outta here! Now!

Well, that is what the journey in/of Forgiveness does -- it brings you out of the death/life you've been living, and into the Real Deal Life you were created to be and live! 

Are You Ready???  



Adding Fun

Can you really let go and let God?  This is one of the foundations of forgiveness. 

Open up your eyes, 

crawl out of that closet;

unclasp your hands;

open wide your arms;

spread your legs and fingers; raise your head;

And yell -


Now Breathe. .  Repeat as often as you need to, initially -- mainly by yourself.


Forgive as quickly as you can, even through gritted teeth, if you have to!